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Security Advisory: Wi-Fi flaw

What is this new Wi-Fi flaw?

Security researchers have just released details on a serious weakness in Wi-Fi wireless security.  Most Wi-Fi networks used by businesses and home users alike, use “WPA2” security.  It’s the industry standard that encrypts traffic on Wi-Fi networks to thwart eavesdroppers and protects your data and privacy.

A recently discovered flaw in WPA2’s cryptographic protocols …

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Celebrating 13 Years in Business

Appalachia Technologies is happy to celebrate our 13th year in business!

What better time to recognize those who played a significant role in our success? We have many mentors to thank for helping shape us and bring Appalachia Technologies to life; too many to cite, but we would be amiss to not mention: Alan Todd, Scott Mumma, Greg Lowe, …

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