Appalachia Technologies, LLC Acquires Wy Networks

Appalachia Technologies, the expert provider of business IT services, announced today that it has acquired Wy Networks, a leading provider of information security services and consulting.  The acquisition, which recognizes the ever-increasing threat of data breaches and cybercrime, enhances the region’s leading network and security services provider with the ability to respond to all our customers required level of support, security, and regulatory compliance.

Appalachia has also named Ian Watkins, formerly of Wy Networks, as Director of Security Services to lead its Information Security and Compliance division, providing critical data security and compliance expertise to retail, healthcare, financial services, insurance, and other industries including Fortune 500 businesses.  

By integrating the IT compliance and security capabilities of Wy Networks with Appalachia’s managed IT and business services, Appalachia is positioned to deliver a total suite of solutions that enable enterprises to immediately identify their business risks within the context of compliance regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, and Sarbanes Oxley.  These solutions will enable data protection, security, compliance, managed services, network and infrastructure support, and consulting services all through integrated sales and delivery to customers.