Bermudian Springs Schools District Outsources IT Support

As captured so well in the Gettysburg Times, the folks at Bermudian Springs School District have a great new look with their recent website overhaul and they also have invested in a long term relationship with a regional IT Services provider, Appalachia Technologies, for improved operational delivery of technology across the district.  The referenced article (Gettysburg Times article) highlights the benefits and operational improvements that have been realized since September of 2014.

Since the posting of this article, other school districts have come forward and have expressed interest in securing Appalachia’s services in support of their own IT operation.  The Appalachia team is thankful and privileged to have secured this great opportunity to serve the staff, faculty and students at Bermudian Springs over the coming years.  This contract demonstrates Appalachia’s ability to manage the team, leverage the tools and employ the processes required to effectively service a campus Enterprise on the scale of the Bermudian Springs School District.