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CMMC News & Update - July 2022


In your city or town, you know that stretch of road or highway that feels like it has been under construction for 10 years?  In many ways, the development of CMMC can feel like it too is marked with orange cones and will be underway for years.  From the most significant change of CMMC 1.0 (the OG version) to the November 2021 update to CMMC 2.0, to even the CMMC-AB name change to The Cyber AB, new information seems to keep coming with timelines shifting.  While The Cyber AB holds monthly Town Hall webinars to share updates, the DoD and various vendors are also sharing out information via webinars.  Recently, PreVeil, a DoD supplier, along with members of the Manufacturing Extension Partnership, hosted a webinar with DoD leaders Stacy Bostjanick (DoD CMMC Program Head) and Dave McKeown (DoD CISO) to review recent updates and timelines. 

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PCI - The Credit Card Industry's Answer to Consumer Data Protection

People carry less cash in their wallets than they used to.  Even when going to the ice cream stand in the middle of summer, a debit or credit card is swiped instead of cash being tendered.  The reason for this is simple - it’s easier to swipe a card than it is to carry a load of cash in your wallet.  This has become an extremely convenient option over the years when making purchases.  However, as is often the case, convenience comes with risk.

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Everything That Is Wrong With CMMC 2.0

This month’s release of the much-anticipated CMMC 2.0 left many of us in the world of cybersecurity shaking our heads.  We have been working diligently with the defense industrial base for several years now, even before the CMMC was created, to stop the bleeding of our defense secrets to our adversaries.  As a veteran and a Patriot, I, along with many other Americans, take this very serious problem personally. 

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SPRS Pt 1 - How Do I Calculate My SPRS (Supplier Performance Risk System) Score?

spreadsheetI started writing SSP’s (System Security Plans) well before the original Executive Order mandated deadline of December 31st 2017 and have since written at least 50 SSP’s for defense contractors of every imaginable type and size.  There wasn’t a lot of guidance on how to do this at that time, other than to have a very thorough and complete understanding of the nearly 500-page NIST 800-53 framework. 

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Top 5 Security Assessment Findings

Top 5 Security Assessment Findings narrow smallest

Even organizations with solid cybersecurity programs will have findings from a security assessment.  After all, cyber attacks and attackers continue to learn and evolve, always trying to be one step ahead of their prospects.  Through our years of performing security assessments, here are the Top 5 areas that we have found to need remediation work post-assessment.

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What is a vCISO? (appTECH TALK Ep. 5)

Let’s face it.  Security is expensive.  Many organizations think of security as an unwanted expense when budgeting for the next fiscal year.  However, no matter what industry an organization is in, security IS its business too.

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Knowing, and Planning For, Your Organization’s Compliance Burden


Despite what detractors say, regulations are in place for good reason. They typically protect individuals from organizational malfeasance. Many of these regulations are actual laws passed by a governing body and cover the entire spectrum of the issue, not just the data involved. The ones that have data protection regulations written into them mostly deal with the handling and protection of sensitive information. For organizations that work in industries covered by these regulations there are very visible costs that go into compliance. Today, we look at the costs incurred by these organizations as a result of these regulations, and how to ascertain how they affect your business.

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News & Updates

P R E S S  R E L E A S E Grantville, PA:  On Wednesday, October 19, Appalachia Technologies will be hosting a free in-person cybersecurity summit at the Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course for regional CIOs, CISOs, and IT Security Leaders.

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