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Appalachia Technologies team is comprised of a diverse mix of IT professionals, some of whom have been on the forefront of IT since the industry’s inception. Through the years, our team has developed a wide array of experience in understanding individual needs and how they relate to your business.

Social Engineering: How Kind Humans Can Cause Big Breaches (appTECH TALK Ep. 6)

Humans are the smartest beings on earth.  So why is it that they are the number one cause for breaches that cost millions of dollars?  It’s because they are kind.

Because of the kindness of human beings, they are easily manipulated by bad actors to give up private information or even hold a door.  This is the foundation of Social Engineering.

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After a Penetration Test - The Road to Remediation (appTECH TALK Ep. 3)

Your company has been proactive in having a penetration test performed and you have the report in hand - so now what do we do with it?

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What is Penetration Testing – Finding Vulnerabilities Before the Bad Guys Do (appTECH TALK Ep. 2)

If you are an organization with digital assets to protect, you’ve most likely heard the term Penetration Testing, also known as Pen Testing.  Penetration testing is the process used to find vulnerabilities and leverage them to hack an organization.

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2021 Year in Review - Significant Cybersecurity Events

2021 Year in ReviewThe year is 2021.  We don’t have flying cars or robot maids, but nearly 5 billion souls worldwide are now connected to the Internet and to each other.  This is a beautiful thing and a remarkable feat of human ingenuity.  However, every rose has its thorn (to borrow from the great post-modern philosopher Bret Michaels) and to us who work in cybersecurity, 2021 was thornier than ever. 

Here is Appalachia’s 2021 Cybersecurity Year in Review!


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Mechanicsburg, PA, February 14, 2022 — Appalachia Technologies announced today that CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company, has named Appalachia Technologies to its Managed Service Provider (MSP) 500 list in the Pioneer 250 category for 2022. CRN’s annual MSP 500 list identifies the leading service providers in North America whose forward-thinking approaches to managed services are changing the landscape of the IT channel, helping end users increase efficiency and simplify IT solutions, while maximizing their return on investment.

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