IT Consulting

Technology Professional Services is Core to what Appalachia provides to our valued customers. 

Many Enterprise customers have come to know the value of having one of our technical resources standing the watch, being present to “oversee, lead, guide, design, integrate and support” the most critical technology infrastructure initiatives.  The best insurance a firm can buy to guarantee a successful IT project is the commitment they receive from Appalachia that it will be done according to industry best practices — with the appropriate sense of urgency and without impacting ongoing business operations.

As a leading technology services provider in the Mid-Atlantic region, the Appalachia team is sought after repeatedly by other regional providers looking to tap into our pool of top-shelf consultants, engineers and technicians.  Foundational in approach, Appalachia team members deliver the gold standard of IT service excellence that many of our clients have come to value over the years.

The Appalachia Methodology

Our comprehensive four-step process IT consultation process includes:

  1. Evaluation – We will carefully review your existing technology infrastructure to assess your current configurations, security measures, and performance. We’ll also identify areas of potential weaknesses. During this phase, we will work with you to gain a solid understanding of your unique technology needs and objectives.
  2. Design – Upon determining your needs, our information technology consulting team will then develop a customized solution specifically designed for your business. Our goal is not to sell you products or meet quotas; instead, we focus on delivering cost-effective solutions/recommendations that will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your technology network and systems are fully protected.
  3. Implementation – Once our information technology consulting experts have developed your new technology infrastructure solution, we will closely manage each step of the implementation process, including obtaining any required hardware, updating software licenses and much more. We will also provide you with detailed documentation for each step of the implementation process.
  4. Knowledge and Training – After your new technology solution has been implemented, our consultants will work with your staff to ensure they have the requisite knowledge and training to effectively manage and maintain all relevant tasks. We also offer a suite of IT Managed Services to assist you long after completion of the implementation process.

Our Specializations

Appalachia Technologies provides comprehensive network and systems engineering solutions for businesses located throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. We specialize in the design, engineering and implementation of:

  • wireless networks
  • security audits
  • data center virtualization
  • converged media
  • unified communications 

We can provide the cost-effective engineering solutions you need to organize your business, so you can operate at maximum efficiency.

The Most Advanced Network Engineering Technologies

Our state-of-the-art network systems engineering services incorporate the most innovative technologies that are available on the market today. A prime example is our full suite of business software engineering solutions that can be customized to meet the needs of your company. Our continuous focus on innovation gives us a competitive edge over other network engineering solutions providers in the region.

Our Engineers Are the Best in the Business

While Appalachia Technologies leads the way in terms of innovation, our people are what really make the difference. Our staff includes some of the most experienced engineers found anywhere within our operating territory. Our engineers not only have the necessary technical savviness, but they also have a sincere desire to help your business flourish. They will take the time to become intimately familiar with your enterprise’s network infrastructure so they can design a cost-effective solution that will enhance the performance of your network. Our engineers maintain up-to-date IT professional certifications to ensure they bring the most current knowledge to their roles on a daily basis.

Comprehensive Engineering Consulting Services

Appalachia Technologies is known as the leader among engineering IT consulting companies in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our all-encompassing four-step consulting process includes a thorough network evaluation, customized solution design, solution implementation, and the transfer of knowledge to your staff.  Although our consulting services can address specific customer requirements, their realized value is maximized when our team get involved early on in the process whereby improved design, reduced costs and smooth project delivery become tenants of every client engagement.

Choose Network and Systems Infrastructure Security Service From Appalachia Technologies

In addition to an expertly-designed and customized engineering solution that will provide seamless network integration and performance, we can enhance the security of your network. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you are fully protected against viruses, spam, malware and a host of other security threats. You’ll also find that our services offer a much greater value than those offered by larger competitors.

Contact us today to learn more about our IT Services.