IT Support

Stellar IT Support to our clients is a key capability of Appalachia’s Technical Assistance Center (ATAC) – a 24x7x365 operation with multiple service offerings that meet the varied demand of our valued customers.  In concert with the ATAC services offerings, Appalachia integrates and supports cloud services for our clients – a dynamic pairing of capabilities that is unmatched by our market competitors. 

All of this rolls up under the guise that Appalachia is not a value added reseller (VAR) of IT hardware, software or associated licensing – a pillar of independence that allows our services to be delivered in an un-biased manner.  We equate our model to the local auto mechanic that has no repair parts to offer, only impeccable service, expertise, urgency and absolute integrity in all our business transactions.  Our approach and philosophy make it apparent that we are uniquely positioned to be the trusted IT advisor our customers need in support of their technology infrastructure.

IT Infrastructure Support Services

 Even the most carefully-designed and effectively-implemented IT networks don’t function on “autopilot.” It requires the daily execution of a number of essential service tasks to ensure a network infrastructure is always operating at peak efficiency.

 Appropriate management of these behind-the-scenes network services can place a heavy burden on businesses that may not have the adequate IT manpower or the technical expertise that is necessary. IT network support services from Appalachia Technologies can simplify the network services management for your business, giving you one less thing to worry about.

 Valuable Support in Managing a Wide Range of Network Services

 When it comes to network services management, business entities throughout the Mid-Atlantic region trust Appalachia Technologies to provide reliable and comprehensive IT network support services in a number of critical areas. Whether it’s ensuring your firewall and other network security features are protecting you against threats, performing daily file backups or executing routine maintenance tasks, we will always be there when you need us.

 A Proactive Approach to Business Network Services Management

 We believe that the less you have to hear or even think about business network services management, the better. That’s why our IT network support services are designed to identify, troubleshoot and eliminate potential issues before they occur. In the event that a network service fails, we will remedy the problem as quickly as possible to minimize disruptions to your operation.

 What Makes Us the Best Choice for Network Services Management Assistance?

 At Appalachia Technologies, we understand that no two business networks are alike. That’s why we customize our IT network support services to meet the specific needs of each client. We’ll provide you with the perfect combination of support technologies that is ideally suited for your unique network applications.

Our support services are administered by a team of experienced and certified professionals who are committed to helping you achieve business success through the effective implementation of IT network applications. We follow and subscribe to IT industry practices as they relate to:

  • Performance
  • Security
  • Redundancy
  • Reliability
  • Availability
  • Currency


Improve Your Networks’ Performance and Prevent Failures

 Take an important step to improving the performance of your business networks and preventing costly network failures. Contact Appalachia Technologies today to learn more about how our IT network support services can take the hassle out of the network services management process.