Your security depends on your ability to detect and defend against the rapidly evolving threats to your business

ATProtect Managed Security Services

Why MSSP Security Offering?

Todays hackers are highly sophisticated and very motivated to find ways into your network.  ATProtect is a fully-managed advanced threat detection solution that delivers complete security visibility across your entire business, covering any of your cloud and on-premise environments. Our expert-staffed SOC (Security Operations Center), will monitor and understand the conditions and activities of your IT environment that represent risk to your business and compliance mandates.

ATProtect provides you access to both smart people and smart technology so you can focus on your business activities and your customers.

  • Managed SIEM / Security Intelligence, SIEM Event Correlation & Incident Response
  • Continuous Vulnerability Monitoring, Authenticated and unauthenticated active scanning
  • Host and Network IDS Threat Detection, and File Integrity Monitoring
  • Behavioral Monitoring, Log Collection, Netflow Analysis, Service Availability Monitoring
  • Compliance: PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX , GLBA, NERC CIP, ISO 27002, GPG13,
  • Active & Passive Network Scanning, Asset Inventory, Host-based Software Inventory

ATProtect is a powerful solution that delivers complete security visibility, meets compliance needs, and lowers overall IT Security costs.

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Know your vulnerabilities

Our EagleEye™ Penetration Tests are the best in the business.  Easy-to-read reports let you know where the weaknesses are and how to fix them.

Network Penetration Testing Services

Your organization’s servers, workstations, and network equipment make up the backbone of your IT infrastructure and contain some of its most important data.  Appalachia’s Network Penetration Testing services replicate real-world attempts to exploit and traverse your network’s environment, providing visibility into:

  • Which systems are exposed if perimeter defenses are compromised
  • What OS, service, and application vulnerabilities pose real threats
  • How privileges can be escalated on compromised systems
  • What information could be accessed, altered, stolen
  • How low-level network compromises can open paths to critical backend data


Web Application Penetration Testing Services

Mitigating weaknesses in web applications can be costly since they often require re-coding to effectively remediate issues.  Appalachia’s Web Application Penetration Testing services pinpoint exploitable application weaknesses with no false positives, allowing development resources to focus on addressing critical exposures.  Our engineers can assess your web application for flaws cited by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), such as:


Wireless Penetration Testing Services

Your organizations’ Wi-Fi and wireless networks provide a tempting point of exposure for criminals seeking access to protected backend databases and other critical resources.  Appalachia’s Wireless Penetration Testing services identify critical Wi-Fi weaknesses by:


Security Policy & Procedure Assessment Services

The goal of every information security program is to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA) of data. Policy gap analysis is a method of evaluating current information security controls, and ensuring information processing and handling follows the controls defined in your corporate security policies and procedures. 

  • Evaluate existing information security controls against industry best practices.
  • Collect and review policy & procedure documentation for completeness.
  • Interview key staff (users, administrators, and management) to identify undocumented practices and gain feedback.


Social Engineering Penetration Testing Services

Social Engineering Penetration Testing services apply a collection of techniques used to manipulate people into performing actions or divulging confidential information.  Social Engineering poses one of the greatest threats to information security today.  Appalachia’s Social Engineering Testing services assess end-user security awareness and reveal exploitable end-user vulnerabilities.  Our services will:

  • Identify staff who click on links in malicious emails
  • Test employees to determine if they enter information on a fake web site created by Appalachia.
  • Evaluate employee responses to fake phone calls requesting information
  • Evaluate employee responses to hardware drops
  • Measure the effectiveness of your security awareness program


Physical Site Penetration Testing Services

During a physical site security assessment, our consultants perform physical inspections of facilities and operations.  Appalachia’s physical security reviews are performed and analyzed in the context of your organization’s overall risk management strategy.

  • Evaluate ease of entry into physical site and subsequent network access.
  • Evaluate level of protection required against physical security controls in place.
  • Prioritize exposures and make recommendations to align physical security with your overall risk management strategy.
  • Provide a holistic view enabling you to protect the right assets with the right level of security.


Social Network Penetration Testing Services

Appalachia’s Social Network Penetration Testing services are designed to determine what information has been exposed about your organization on the Internet. 

  • Our analysts will examine all popular as well as obscure online databases and social networks to detect exactly what is exposed.
  • Monitor conversations about your organization and data leaks found on social media, blogs, IRC, chat rooms, P2P, and other sites to assess brand, reputational, and security risks.


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