With over 15 years’ experience in the healthcare industry, Appalachia Technologies is poised to be a leader in providing quality, HIPAA-HITECH compliant technology and consulting services to healthcare providers.  No matter whether you are a large hospital system, a small independent physician practice, or an assisted living or nursing home facility, technology plays an important part in your everyday operational life.  And it’s not just the use of technology, but making sure your data is protected and secure.  All of our healthcare IT consulting work is done with HIPAA-HITECH privacy and security being of utmost importance in your environment.

Our healthcare IT experience can provide to you:

  • Risk/Security Assessments
  • Email and Hard Drive Encryption Services
  • HIPAA-HITECH Consulting
  • Operational recommendations
  • EMR/EHR selection and implementation
  • Anitvirus/Antispam services
  • Microsoft Office 365 services
  • Back up and Disaster Recovery
  • Secured wireless access
  • Secured remote access to your network
  • Monitoring of your workstations, laptops, and network equipment

Appalachia Technologies has an affiliation or sponsoring membership with healthcare associations such as PMSCO Healthcare Consulting, HIPAA Secure Now, Pennsylvania MGMA, and Leading Age PA.

If you would like to learn more about the services that Appalachia Technologies can offer your healthcare environment, please contact us immediately so we can assess your needs.



Appalachia Technologies: Empowering Education through Technology

With over 15 years of K-12 experience, Appalachia technologies understands the operational requirements of technology in education. With our experience and techniques we will provide your district the ability to enhance your administrative procedures in regards to technology, improve communication throughout your district and the community, assist with required state reporting, and increase your educational opportunities through the use of technology.

Simply put, our partnership lets you focus on students and education while we focus on the technology to meet your educational goals.

As an extension of our vCIO Services, we provide K12 specific services that aid in;

  • Long term technology planning in alignment with your curricular goals
  • Oversight and guidance around the development of your Comprehensive Educational Technology Plan
  • Cost containment and fixed budget planning as technology continues to be a priority for learning, teaching and leading

Appalachia provides a range of technology infrastructure services from design, integration, administration and on-going support for existing staff/faculty.  Other value-add services include the following;

  • Wireless planning and deployment in preparation for BYOD or 1:1
  • Office 365 Migration and consultation
  • Google Apps Migration and consultation
  • E-Rate support and consultation
  • Security and remote access
  • Content filtering
  • SPAM/Email filtering

Let us help your district become better positioned to leverage technology in pursuit of educating your students.

To learn more, contact one of our associates now.