Case Studies

You have read what we are capable of and how it can help your business; now you can check out our services in action.

The following case studies represent how Appalachia’s individual services influenced the overall success of these businesses.


OBJECTIVE: 100% WiFi coverage for their Multi-Building Campus for both employees and guests. The employees and owners at XYZ expect technology to make their workday more efficient. “For us, efficiency includes a high speed, secure wireless network that will grow with expected needs.” – IT Director, XYZ Company.


The challenge for XYZ is one of management and security. Visitor and guest access has to be secure from the employee/administrative network.


Appalachia is an integrator of Cisco Mobility products. Using Cisco products allows Appalachia to implement public access and enterprise networks with ease.

Cisco’s MultiService Lan controller’s easy-to-use web-based GUI allows administrators to centrally define multiple user profiles that outline traffic prioritization, bandwidth utilization, guest access, and security policies. These policies are flexible and can be deployed per individual, group, or application. For example, employee business applications, guest Internet access service and high priority voice applications can each be allocated separate and distinct QoS and security policies.

Cisco Wireless Mobility Access Points (WAPs) deliver scalable, seamless wireless access anywhere, anytime. Unlike thin/lite wireless access points, the Cisco AP feature set is abundantly rich, dispensing multiple network services, enforcing robust security policies and delivering high performance client access. An integral component of the Cisco Intelligent Wireless Solution, Cisco APs are centrally controlled by Lan Controllers for ease of deployment and centralized management.


Appalachia installed secure public and private access without the need for a second network- and the entire network is centrally monitored and managed from one convenient interface.



XYZ Inc needed a solution provider to implement proactive services and solve the day to day user technical problems with customers before they became an issue – before there is down time and potentially missed Service Level Agreements. As a result of a customer’s recent increased spam attack a request was made of Appalachia to solve the customer’s situation. Appalachia immediately recognized the issues. The client had relied on workgroup computing, basic Internet connection hardware, limited security measures, and the Internet services provider to watch over the network. There computers had slowed down and they were receiving thousands of spam messages. They were losing precious network performance along with causing low employee productivity.

Technical situation

As a result of a customer’s recent spam attack a request was made for Appalachia to solve the issues of this growing customer. At first glance Appalachia service technicians recognized the issues. The client had relied on workgroup computing, basic Internet connection hardware, limited security measures, and the Internet services provider to watch over the network. They were receiving thousands of spam messages and were losing precious network performance along with low employee productivity. What the customer needed was advanced networking devices, secured system backups, and managed services to monitor and support the clients growing set of staff and personal computers. The customer agreed with TSI’s assessment and was convinced the managed services approach along with the technical changes was well worth the investment.


To ensure a stable networking and computing platform Appalachia Technologies™ suite of Business Continuity Services was installed. This included a backup appliance with secured offsite replication to an AT secured facility and the full set of managed services to the desktop of each employee. Now the wired and wireless network devices will be continuously monitored for performance and connectivity. Some of the actions taken include:

  • Provide a full service MSP solution offering monitoring and proactive repairs
  • Deploy a hosted email solution (MS Exchange based)
  • Solve ever increasing SPAM problems Install a security appliance – firewall
  • Establish secured wireless computing services
  • Begin reliable backup data collection services
  • Deliver quarterly management reporting of network use and support activity

With our client support toolset each system is kept up-to-date, monitored and cleansed for malware, viruses, and system Trojans. In addition, employees can place and manage support tickets directly from their computer system tray. Our service agents proactively perform system patches and required changes on a set schedule to conform to the business operation. Performance is much better and assistance is now only a click away.


This client experienced several types of benefits ranging from:

  • A 50% increase in productivity
  • Secured workgroup computing
  • Reduced communication costs by combining
  • Voice & Internet Services
  • Reliable local support from a qualified vendor
  • Automated services and traceable service requests right from the desktop

All of this provides a sound value proposition from the investment. In a phrase, “More for Less”.



Appalachia provides XYZ Corporation specific skills that are salient, requested and important to the proposed effort. This commercial client utilized the staffing services of Appalachia since 2005. Onsite Appalachia resources have expended anywhere from 50 to 100 staff months per year throughout various engagements.

The following job classifications and descriptions, utilized for this and other accounts, are important tools in the recruitment and evaluation of potential candidates and were accepted for use as a working template:

  • Cisco Infrastructure Engineering & Support
  • Advanced Lan & Wan Architecture Design & Support
  • Microsoft Server & Exchange Architecture Design & Systems Administration
  • Novell Intranetware/Linux Architecture Design & Systems Administration
  • Network & Systems Security Design
  • Wireless Architecture Design & Support
  • Checkpoint Firewall Design Engineering
  • Datacenter Virtualization/SAN Architecture Design & Support
  • Voice Over IP Engineering & Support
  • IT Help Desk Support

Our onsite staff performed the full life-cycle of Solution Design through Implementation and Maintenance of many architectures for XYZ Corp. The vast majority of Appalachia staff were kept indefinitely under terms of 12 month contracts. Onsite resources performed duties in the following positions:

  • Senior/Junior Network Engineers
  • Senior/Junior Security Engineers
  • Senior/Junior Systems Administrators
  • Senior/Junior Unix Administrators
  • Senior Voice Engineers
  • Help Desk Specialists

Appalachia’s Client Action Team administrated the contract and responded to Requests for additional resources. Like many other Appalachia IT staffing clients, XYZ Corp quickly realized that the fast, quality responses to candidate requests as the primary discriminator between Appalachia & the competition – this being the norm. Appalachia drives client IT staffing requests through to execution by placing qualified, affordable technology talent into the most critical positions for our valued clients!