Episode 6 - What is Social Engineering?

Social Engineering is one of the number one issues when it comes to organizations protecting their networks.  Social engineering is when an attacker uses interaction and study of human behavior to manipulate and trick a person into providing information or access.  In this week's episode, Mike Miller steps through 3 types of social engineering and shares how a simple box of donuts gave him all the access he could want.  


Episode 5 - What is a vCISO?

vCISO, or a virtual Chief Information Security Officer, is part of a security team that can assist an organization to review their security posture from an overall perspective while minimizing the cost of hiring a full-time hire. Learn more about what a vCISO does and how vCISOs can fit into an organization, as well as the benefits.


Episode 4 - Incident Response Plan (IRP)

We never hope to experience a security incident but the possibility cannot be ignored. It is in the best interest of every organization to have an incident response plan (IRP) in place. So what is an IRP and what should be included? How do you know if your plan is adequate? In this week's episode, Mike Miller walks us through the key aspects of an IRP and how to get started.


Episode 3 - Remediation

You've had a penetration test done and have your report of vulnerabilities - now what?  In this week's episode of appTECH TALK, Mike Miller takes us through an overview of vulnerabilities and severity, remediation v mitigation, and his thoughts on how to prioritize your action plan.


Episode 2 - Penetration Testing 

In this week's episode of appTECH TALK, Mike Miller is diving into penetration testing - what is it, what are the different kinds, and what kind of information can you get from it.


Episode 1 - NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF)

 In our first episode of appTECH TALK, Mike Miller walks through the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF).

Many organizations wonder where to start when they are looking at strengthening their security posture.  Fortunately, the wheel does not need reinvented.  Much traction and return on investment can be made by simply aligning an organizations security program with the NIST standard.

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